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Spencer Elvebak

Technology Education Teacher for Farmington High School and head coach for FRC Team 2987 "Rogue Robotics" 

Spencer is the head coach and handles logistics for the team. From reservations and registrations,  managing finances, and designing and building, he deals with it all. One of his main focuses is strategizing and working with Drive Team, one of the many smaller groups within the team. This is Spencer's fifth year mentoring the team, and his third year as head coach.

David Stauffer

Technology Education Teacher at Farmington High School

Dave has been involved with the robotics program for the past 10 years, including founding Team 2987 in the fall of 2008. He has previously served as head coach for the team, as well as volunteering as a mentor. Dave's roles include designing, building, and managing the team.

Dr. Heather Orser

Electrical Engineer at Medtronic

Heather works with the team on logistics, setting milestones, and wiring. She has mentored the team for five years. 

David Orser

Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Minnesota

David's primary mentoring responsibilities focus on wiring, controls, and programming.  He has been a mentor for our team for five years.

Eric Hendrickson

Electrical Enginner

Eric is currently in his third year of mentoring with our team. He focuses on helping both Wiring Team and Build Team.

Kirk Cash

UTC Aerospace Operations Manager

Kirk is currently in his second year of mentoring with our team and works as a general manager at UTC Aerospace. He helps in the wood shop building, supervising, and managing.

Cathy Cash

Park Dental Ridges Dental Hygienist

Cathy helps the team with spirit wear, promotional items, fundraising, and managing team meals. This is Cathy's second year mentoring for the team. 

Josh Torres

Mechanical Enginner at Flint Hills

Josh is currently in his Second year of mentoring with our team. His focus is in the wood shop. However, he also is a part of prototyping and building. 

Berik Kallevig

University of Minnesota Student

Berik is a Rogue Robotics Alumni and was our build and design team captain. He is currently attending the University of Minnesota and is in his first year as a mentor for the team.

Corey Knutson

UMD Student

Corey was a programmer for our team for four years and has served as both Programming Captain as well as Team Captain during the 2017 season. He recently graduated FHS and now mentoring and helping out with the programming team. He currently attends the University of Minnesota Duluth.

Siri Orser

Montana State University Student

Siri is a Rogue Robotics alumni and was our wiring team captain for two years. She is in her first year of mentoring for the team. She is currently in attending Montana State University.

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